Shameless Sister April Fools Fuck


April Fools Day Prank Goes Wrong!

Shameless sister dressed in her bra and panties sleeps with stepbrother in bed. She submits she wants to have sex! As soon as brother turns on and starts jerking it, brazen sis laughs at the way he falls for her April fish joke and runs away.

Later, Brother decides to pay it forward for pranking him. When she was in the shower, he keeps gushing new shampoo on her head until it gets into her eyes.

Once the sister goes blind because of shampoo in her eyes and can’t see anything, He removes his shorts and pushes into her tight twat from behind. But she kicks him out of the shower at that time.

But Brother was so damn mad about his April fool revenge he couldn’t let her go so easily leaving him unfinished and unsatisfied.

So he tries another attempt! He bends her over the bed, peels off her skirt, and reinserts his cock into her tight twat. Making his hussy stepsis moan in pleasure with his hardon.

He hits all the right spots to bring her sister off in the mood and takes full charge of her. Sister sits on her brother’s throne and takes long strokes as he continues to squeeze her small titties.

Sister hit the climax when he fills her pussy with a surprise creampie. Sister Pays the price for Shameless pranking on her stepbrother

Date: October 20, 2019
Last Modified: May 15, 2022