Late Night Games With Sister


Everyone in the family was out of town, except the sibling.

Naughty hot sister with beautiful curvy body was getting bored and had nothing much to do, so she insists brother to play fun game “Never Have I Ever” with her.

It was a late night and brother was tired so he denies at first but in front of sister’s Stubbornness, he gave up and asks the rules of this game.

She tells him to hold up ten fingers. Anyone who has done the activity mentioned in the “Never have I ever” statement, puts one finger down. As he or she put down all their fingers, will be eliminated from the game.

Last remaining player with a finger raised will be declared as the winner of the game.

It sounds stupid to him but he agrees to play to keep her sister’s heart.

Sister started the game.

“Never have I ever” stolen something. she said. “So, if you’ve ever stolen something, you have to put down your finger.”

So he puts down a finger.

And then it was brother’s turn.

“Never have I ever” cheated on someone

In this response, the sister said: I have done it before and cheated on many boys.

Then the sister’s turn comes again and she says:

“Never have I ever” Sucked 3 people in 1 day

Brother was shocked but he thinks but she must be faking it just for the sake of winning the game.

So brother says: “Never have I ever” sex with 3 people in 1 day

but slutty sister has done it too at this point brother had to believe in her confidence.

Brother wanted to find out more of her sluttiness so he says:

“Never have I ever spied” on someone in the shower

Sister is a bitch she had done this too.

When brother asked who, she says I am not telling you. It’s embarrassing I don’t wanna tell you that It was you

He goes one step further and says:

“Never have I ever” see my sister Naked

Sister had to put down her finger. So now it was her turn and she says:

“Never have I ever” touched my brother’s dick.

This time brother was not shocked when she says Do you dare me to touch your dick?

And he says yes I want you to touch my dick and suck it.

So this is how “Never Have I ever” fun game ended up with having sex with a slutty sister.

Date: September 1, 2019
Last Modified: September 2, 2019