How to Turn on and FUCK A Young Teen Girl Raw


Here’s how to turn on and fuck a young teen girl:

1. Start by making sure that she’s alone. You don’t want to be caught in the act by her parents or friends.

2. Once you’re sure that she’s alone, approach her and start talking to her. Try to be charming and funny, and make sure that you’re making eye contact.

3. Once you’ve got her attention, it’s time to make your move. Start by kissing her on the lips, and then work your way down to her neck and breasts.

4. From there, it’s time to move down to her pussy. Use your fingers and tongue to tease and please her until she’s begging for more.

5. Once she’s nice and wet, it’s time to enter her. Start slow at first, and then build up to a faster pace.

6. As you’re fucking her, make sure to pay attention to her body language. If she starts to get too overwhelmed, slow down or stop altogether.

7. Once you’re both satisfied, it’s time to clean up and get out of there. Make sure to leave her wanting more, and you’re sure to have a happy ending.

Date: November 4, 2022