My Stepbrother Tricked Me For Measuring His Dick


Juan Loco is worried that his dick is shrinking, so he’s constantly measuring it. Today, he decides to call his stepsister Ryan Reid to measure it for him. Again. She tries to tell Juan he needs to cut it out, but he insists that he needs to know. Ryan eventually gives in and agrees to measure Juan’s penis. However, she tells him they will have to do it over the next few hours. Juan is hesitant but agrees.

My stepbrother played me for measuring his dick. He knew I was curious about how big it was and he took advantage of that. He told me to measure it while he was sleeping and I did. It was huge! I was so turned on by it that I started stroking it. He woke up and caught me, but instead of getting mad, he just smiled and said, “Thanks for measuring my dick. It’s exactly what I wanted.”

A few hours later, Ryan reappears to measure Juan’s penis. This time, she’s wearing nothing but a robe and a thong. She claims she lost the measuring tape, so she’ll have to use her mouth instead. Juan is hesitant but agrees. Ryan sucks Juan’s dick until he gets hard and then measures it. She is surprised to find that he is a grower, not a shower. Ryan is turned on by Juan’s dick and decides to fuck him.

Date: July 23, 2022
Last Modified: July 23, 2022