Son Fucks Stepmom Aggressively


Wade caught his mom camming online to make some extra money. He threatened to tell his father but promised to keep it their little secret if he got to fuck her any time he wanted. She agreed thinking he would never want to cash in, but today is the day. He comes to his mom telling her to pay up. She finally reluctantly agrees, then Wade grabs his mother by the hair and pulls her to the kitchen counter.

He bends her over lifting her dress, pulls her panties down, and starts fucking her. After a while, he drags his mom by her hair to the bedroom. He tells her to get naked and get on his cock. She does so and begins to ride him reverse cowgirl. He starts to spank her.

He wants his mom doggy style so he tells her to get on all fours. He brings out handcuffs and makes her put her hands behind her back. He starts to fuck her more aggressively now until he pulls out and cums all over her ass.

WARNING – This is a very intense clip. It is highly recommended for those interested in participating in an extreme taboo fantasy.

Date: July 31, 2021