Sin Of My Sister


Married brother welcomes his sister to his home after her horrible breakup with her boyfriend.

While tiptoes in the corridor sister hear loud moaning sounds coming from her brother’s bedroom. She decides to take a quick secret look and sees her sister-in-law riding his brother’s dick wildly. Which made her instantly turned on.

It was the first time she ever saw any married couple fucking one another with her naked eyes live. She gets too excited that she started rubbing her pussy through her panty.

Suddenly brother’s wife receives a phone call from work and had to leave urgently. Brother puts on his eye mask and tries to sleep. Horny Sis grabs the opportunity and makes her dirty move she walks into her brother’s bedroom and starts riding her brother’s still hard cock. She did not let him pull off his eye mask.

Wearing the sleeping mask made him totally unaware that it is not his wife.

Brother moans with pleasure insisting she rides his big, long cock. When brother takes a look from under the eye mask, he gets totally shocked to find that it is not his wife and he got tricked by the heartbroken sister, but he could not say a word on his sister’s sin as she has already started!

Date: July 31, 2019
Last Modified: May 24, 2021