Nursing My Nasty Father-in-Law


Hibiki Otsuki is an obedient housewife, who is not sexually satisfied with his husband. One day the husband tell her, that his father is sick and he needs someone to take care of his health. So being an obedient wife & daughter-in-law she visits father-in-law’s house to nurse him.

While moping the floor she felt courageous and powerful eye of his stepfather secretly looking at her big ass so just to tease him she started rubbing and fingering her cock hungry pussy which made father in law really turned on. He couldn’t control his erotic desire who haven’t had a taste of any young pussy since ages.

Old father-in-law enters the room and spank her great ass and confess he is obsessed with her sexy figure. While She was still in shock & confused by the sudden confession as soon as she could say anything. Old father in law grab her waist and starts spanking her ass furiously until it turns red. He tightly ties her son’s beautiful wife with a rope and starts sucking his big tits and rubs her cunt.

Hibiki couldn’t disobey father-in-law’s command and got fucked multiple times, she even forced to take a hot tub bath with the lucky old man while the dumb husband was sleeping in another room.

Release Date: February 2012
Duration:1hr 14min.
ID: GG-021
Performer: Hibiki Otsuki
Type: Censored

Date: December 18, 2018
Last Modified: December 18, 2018