My Sister’s Girlfriend


Reiko is a sister who is studying with his successful lawyer, his brother Sato as a role model.

She is engaged with the same motive, Saburo, to turn her brother, who does not acknowledge her boyfriend.

She introduces Maya, Saburo’s sister, to her brother.

Sato is taken away by the beautiful Maya.

Reiko, who is relieved to see the two of them and dreams of a happy future.

Suddenly Maybe’s ex-girlfriend, Kanbe, appears to blame her for having her girlfriend taken away by Sato.


65 minutes | Korean | Romance | Released on – 2017-02-23 | Movie code – 2017-MF00264
Director: Kim Min Sik | Cast: Mizusaki, Kanbe | Producer – Fall of Film Co., Ltd.


Date: January 4, 2019
Last Modified: November 5, 2019