Modern Day Sins – Sticking It To His Bully


Ricky Spanish arrives at an upscale house and is in awe when the curvaceous Natasha Nice sweetly answers the door. He shyly introduces himself and says that he’s raising money for a local food bank. Interested in hearing more from such an upstanding young man, Natasha invites him inside.

As they make small talk, it’s revealed that Natasha has a boy who goes to the same high school as Ricky. When she mentions his name, though, Ricky is filled with dread since he happens to be the bully who likes making his life a living hell at school. Natasha is saddened but unsurprised to hear this as she laments that both her boy and her husband are complete neanderthals who have NO IDEA how to treat people right. They aren’t gentlemen like Ricky is.

That’s when Natasha gets a fun little idea… What if they fucked? That way Natasha could teach the oafish men in her life a lesson about respect AND Ricky can stick it to his bully in the most incredible way. Although Ricky’s shocked, how can he POSSIBLY say no to such a delicious offer?

Ricky’s mind is blown as his face is soon buried deep within Natasha’s glorious cleavage AND pussy. Natasha isn’t about to let this unique opportunity pass her as she puts Ricky to work, taking his cock with gusto. Whether she’s bouncing on him or bent over a couch, she wants as much as she can get. And if Ricky satisfies her like a REAL gentleman, she just might leave him with a trophy…

Date: May 22, 2022
Last Modified: May 22, 2022
Pornstar: Natasha Nice