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Stepsister Michele James Fucks Stepbrother. Busty teen Michele James has a wet dream and wakes up. A hot teen saw her step brother’s cock in her dream and she was playing with it. She doesn’t have much experience with cocks and sex. Michele can’t go to sleep but thinking only about his stepbrother’s cock. Then, she decides to check it for herself.

Stepsister Michele James Fucks Stepbrother
Horny teen Michele gets up from her bed and sneaks into her step sibling’s bedroom. He is still sleeping and it is a good chance for her to see what he is packing. Slutty teen Michele takes off the blanket over him and pulls his boxer shorts. Oh dear, he has a cock bigger than the one in her dream. She can’t help herself but touches him gently, tries not to wake him up. It feels so good and she feels so wet at the same time. Michele goes for more, strokes him slowly. But while she is trying to suck him, her stepbrother wakes up with this amazing surprise.

Date: January 1, 2020
Last Modified: February 14, 2020