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I am blond, innocent and 18 years old. I am also a virgin. Like many other girls, I want to become a professional model and I am willing to work hard for it.

I stay alone in Moscow as I had come away from my family a long time ago. My parents are still there in our village, about five hours from here. We are four girls and my father is a helper on a farm belonging to the local landlord. My father used to plough the land and look after a portion of the land like his own with all of us helping. In the end, he would get a small share of whatever were the profits of the crop. Apart from this, the landlord used to give him a stipend. We had a very hard life. My father blew off a big part of this money on booze. He would get high and hit my mother and force himself on her, sometimes in front of us.

My eldest sister, Maxime, has a sewing machine that was given to her by the landlord’s wife. She takes sewing orders and does all kinds of stitching jobs. My mother cleans a few houses and it is with this money and that given by my sister that our house is run. There are days I remember when we had to go hungry to bed. I could not bear this life. I dream of becoming a model and seeing the world. I hardly had any friends. My sister had saved some money and one day, she gave it to me and told me to run away. She said if I earn money, maybe I will be able to help the younger ones.

I did not even say goodbye to my mother. Kissing my younger sisters in their sleep, I hugged Maxime and took the bus to Moscow. It was the first time I travelled outside our village. I had the address of a salesgirl in Moscow. She was from our village and worked in a departmental store. I came and stayed with her for the first year. She got me a job in the same store. I soon got a second job for the evening in a tattoo studio. It is now my fourth year here. I started renting a room on my own and am very independent. I also send some money every month to my sister for the house. She doesn’t tell my father about this.

My younger sisters now help out a lot and are also doing well in school. Maybe someday soon I will bring them also here to study.

I no longer work in the departmental store. In the morning I now help out in a restaurant kitchen and then rush off to the tattoo studio where I clean and organise things and look after the counter. As a special bonus, I got a tattoo drawn on me. I did not get the chance to model for anyone till now and when I got the chance from, I grabbed it immediately. The producer has given me good money for my work. I am now thinking of only trying for modelling jobs. I am hardworking and can adjust to all situations. This will help me I think along with my beautiful body. I love my body so much that I really want to show it off.

As our father used to sometimes force mother in front of us, I know about sex from an early age. I learnt to give pleasure to myself many years ago. One day when I was taking a shower when I was very young, the force of the water from the shower touched the lips of my virgin pussy. This excited me a lot and I experienced such sensual feelings and I adjusted the water jet to the point where it gave me maximum unbearable pleasure.

I sat down on the floor and got lost in another world. Suddenly I came with force. I love to touch my teenage tits while masturbating. As my fingers move up and down my virgin teenage pussy, I get all kinds of erotic feelings. I sometimes imagine a big man’s huge dick moving inside me. As it will push itself into me, I will push myself up and this imagination makes me very horny! It gives me a very hot and wet feeling.

I am very excited about doing the video today. This money will really help out both me as well as my family. I also want more such work so that I can travel and also look after my family. I have big dreams and want to touch the sky.

Date: July 14, 2021
Last Modified: July 14, 2021