Lara Croft Brutal Investigation


Lara Croft has been in several gruelling before, but this may be the toughest. Bounded tightly to a chair, a cruel man slaps her around, threatening her to disclose some secret location. Every time she refuses, he hits her hard again, the force of the blow whacking her head around and wreaking her massive bug boobs to shake. At gunpoint, he forces her to suck his cock. She says I’m not gonna tell you anything, no matter what you do to me!. GLOK GLOK GLOK GLOK.

He fucks her tight cunt brutally until he gets satisfied. Leaving the helpless Lara Croft tied up, goo leaking from her abused cunt and the bitter taste of sperm coating her mouth.

Date: March 31, 2019
Last Modified: March 31, 2019