Angry Stepson Revenge StepMom

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Skinny MILF Nerdy stepmom and son goes on vacation in Vegas. While mom goes out for drink and gambling leaving her stepson behind he plays video games all day long sitting in the hotel room. He asks her mom to give him 5 bucks for playing video games but she denies and they fall into a nasty fight. The argument gets really hot and stepmom spits on his face. which made stepson really angry.

Stepson was bigger and stronger than her skinny mom he starts snatching her dress looking for money where she hides it. Mom starts squirming in fear which made him really turned on. He tears down her bra and starts playing with mommy’s tits.

Stepson’s rock hard cock finds its way to mom’s wet pussy and begins slamming his mom in anger forcefully. She warns her stepson that she will tell all about this to his biological dad but son did not stop until he takes his revenge. Because he knew She is just pretending to dislike it as she was moaning loudly and frantically. Disgusted son takes his final revenge and sprays a massive amount of cum into her mouth leaving her cum dribbling down her whole face.

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