Forced To Fuck On Honeymoon


Forced On Honeymoon” is a steamy Hindi porn video that will leave you breathless. This desi Indian couple is on their honeymoon, but things take a rough turn when the groom decides to force himself on his new bride. This is her first time and she is not ready, but he doesn’t care. He takes what he wants and leaves her shaken and broken.

The video starts with the bride all dolled up and excited for her honeymoon. She is wearing a beautiful saree and has her hair and makeup done. The groom is also dressed in traditional Indian clothing and appears to be in a good mood. They arrive at their honeymoon destination which is a beautiful beach resort. Everything seems perfect until the groom starts to act strange.

He begins to touch her inappropriately and she tells him to stop. He ignores her and continues to force himself on her. She begs him to stop but he doesn’t listen. This is her first time and it’s not supposed to be like this. She is supposed to feel loved and cherished, not violated and scared on her first fuck.

The groom continues to take advantage of her throughout the night. He shows no mercy and doesn’t care about her feelings. The video ends with the bride crying and the groom sleeping peacefully beside her.

This video is a raw and explicit portrayal of forced sex. It is not for the faint of heart and should only be viewed by adults who are of legal age. If you are into hardcore Indian porn, this video is a must-watch.

Date: May 12, 2023
Last Modified: May 12, 2023