Disobedient Naughty StepDaughter Punished


Naughty stepdaughter was sleeping seminude in her bedroom when step daddy enters the room to wake her up and get ready for the school. She disobeys her stepfather and shouts at him she is not going to school today and refused to wear her school dress. Daddy gets angry and snatches her bra forcefully to get dressed and wear school uniform but she still denies.

At this point, daddy loses his tempers and decide to punishes her petite stepdaughter he pulled down her into his laps and start spanking her ass. Eventually, naughty stepdaughter finds out how to change the situation when she realizes stepdad is getting horny and so obsessed with her. when daddy was spanking her ass instead of crying she starts laughing and says stop it, daddy, I’m going to be a good girl.

Oh Really! How are you going to be a good girl? Dad asks. She stars touching him sensually everywhere from head to toe and pushes him down on the bed and unzip daddy’s big thong warm her up for the blowjob so that she can suck his dick properly. After sucking him off deepthroat she plans to have some more fun by feeding her bare pussy above her father’s mouth so that he can lick her pussy too.

After this father-daughter dirty oral game, she seats on daddy’s hard giant stiff cock and starts riding it. She decides not to stop herself until she reach orgasm and gets satisfied. She even takes the cock deep inside her ass. At this point bad stepdaughter knows she’s in charge, So she gets down her knees and guides him to stroke her in doggy style.

Finally, Bad naughty daughter reaches the climax she was looking for. But as she promised and to keep her words she decides to help her stepfather get off as well. So she get up once again and starts sucking his dad again with her warm little mouth after few minutes dad shoots his cum all over her face and fills her mouth with cum giving her the best cum facial she could ever have.

Now both were sexually satisfied, and finally, she agreed to get dressed for school.

Date: August 24, 2018
Last Modified: August 24, 2018