Dirty Daughter In Love With Daddy


Scene One: Montage

Jazmin has always been daddy’s little girl. Teach her how to cook and he was always there to help her with her homework. Daddy enjoys Jazmin vary considerably, but likely not in the way that she translated it… Jazmin falls in love with her daddy and instigates a sexual relationship with him. He says at first, but her 18-year-old body is just too irresistible for him. Luke’s wife calls the cops to report her husband for having sex and eventually catches them in the action. Corporal Hicks takes Luke off as Jazmin starts running after the police car, yelling about how much she enjoys her father and doesn’t want him to depart.

Scene 2: How it All Began

Since the accident that Jazmin was in summer, she has been too self-conscious to leave her bedroom considerably. If he’ll help her take a shower and shave her she asks her dad. He’s unsure if he should say yes to her since he thinks that this may help her get out of the house longer, however, he makes the decision to give in anyhow. Luke and his daughter Jazmin begin to have a sexual relationship… Luke eats his daughter’s pussy and then slides his penis inside of her till he cums inside her tight, young pussy.

Scene Three: Personal Moment

Luke is on the sofa while his wife is out one day watching TV. Since the mum of Jazmin isn’t home, she determines it could be the ideal time to try and have sex with her dad again. He tries to tell her, but she lays back on the sofa and lifts up her shirt, exposing her tits to him. His penis instantly starts to get hard and abruptly fucking his daughter sounds like a way better idea than watching the match… He licks her pussy and her ass and eventually cums all over her face.

Scene Four: Fuck Me Like Mommy

“I want you to make love to me like you make love to mommy,” Jazmin claims to her dad. “Sweetie, we do not make love, we fuck,” Luke tells her, as he starts to fuck his daughter again. “Your mom was tight just like this” he proceeds to fuck her and lick her pussy. “I really like how you make me feel like a woman!” She moans. Luke seems to become fucking his daughter, however, does Luke secretly want to get away from his dominating wife and daughter that is destitute? Is Corporal Hicks really coming to arrest him coming to save him…?

Date: March 30, 2020
Last Modified: March 30, 2020