Spying Daughter Gets Orgasm While Dad Fucking Mom


Her tight velvet cunt felt wonderful; the fact a girl wanted him to fuck her, was such a satisfying feeling, given how my Mom treats him. The daughter stirs up feelings in her father.

Now, this fantasy was an incredible turn-on for me. When I saw daddy fucking mommy With my legs hurting, bound together by the sopping-wet panties, I gathered my strength and pushed my wet panties down my legs, off of them. Now freed of the bondage, I laid back and pulled my slender legs wide, wide open, fingering my vagina furiously.

I pictured Daddy screwing my mom for hours, in every position, bending her over and taking her doggy-style, then having her athletic body sit on top of him and ride him like a cowgirl. Her face would be contorted in pain; she loved the orgasms he gave her.

Yes, Daddy! I cried to myself, picturing him fucking mom. I wanted him to; he loved fucking her, didn’t he?

Then, suddenly — it was a blessing from Heaven — I had a cum. A big, fucking, huge orgasm. My legs stiffened, I couldn’t breathe, my stomach twisted in knots and my pussy grabbed my fingers. I let out a huge moan, which I tried to keep muffled so my parents down the hall wouldn’t hear, and I allowed a savagely powerful orgasm to rip through my body as I pictured Daddy cumming in mom’s hot vagina.

Date: May 15, 2022
Last Modified: May 15, 2022