Schoolgirl Becomes Cum Dumpster


At first glance, Scarlett Mae might look like an innocent redhead schoolgirl. It is safe to assume that she might even be a virgin. When we got a look at her tight pussy, we may have even confirmed that as a fact.

It was cleanly shaven and hurting for a squirting. In order to make this happen, Scarlett had to change out of her innocent clothes and change into something a bit more risque.

She jumped into a see-through bodysuit and proceeded to get lathered in oil by her man. Her body was glistening and ready to be thoroughly fucked.

After massaging her man’s cock, he thrust it into her pussy with great power and had her moaning like a true slut. Watching the cum gush out of Scarlett’s throbbing pussy is nothing less than a Teen Pie masterpiece!

Date: May 7, 2020
Last Modified: May 7, 2020