Why Most Women Love a Big Penis?

why Women Loves Big Penis

Although your lover might not openly admit it to you, the truth is that when it comes to penis size, most women love a big penis. First of all, what is the definition of the “big” that most women refer to? A large number of women refer to “big” as being above seven inches long and five inches in girth. The problem of small penis size is among the top three causes of sexual frustration for women, the others being premature ejaculation and impotence. It seems due to the caring nature of women they seem to assist their lovers in solving other issues in their lives and their relationship but when it comes to the issue of their lover’s penile size they tend to hide under the statement of “it is not the size that matters but what you do with it.”

But is the preference for a bigger penis size just based on the fact that a big penis is more aesthetically pleasing than a small one to women? Definitely not! One of the reasons that women tend to prefer a bigger size is that a bigger penis is capable of physically stimulating the sexual pleasure centers which are located both around the walls of the vagina and deep in the vagina. Although you could assist your lover in achieving orgasms by stimulating her clitoris, such orgasms are short-lived when compared to orgasms achieved by the combination of deep penetration of the vagina and stimulation of her clitoris due to the thickness of a “bigger sex organ”. Such orgasms are much more explosive and longer-lasting.

Another reason why a woman would tend to love a big penis is that it excites her and makes her much more open to orgasms. The sight of a large penis makes a large number of women go into overdrive. In simple words, a large penis makes a lot of women sexually excited before foreplay even begins. This situation makes it much easier for such women to achieve multiple orgasms since their bodies are in a more receptive state of anticipating penetration by their large-sized lovers.

In an anonymous survey carried out in 2004, it revealed that 85% of women wished it were possible for their lovers to increase their penile size. Meaning what most women want is bigger penis size. It also revealed that such women have not told their lovers that their penile size is not enough for them. It seems most women are sensitive to their lovers and don’t want to hurt his feelings because they feel that a man is stuck with whatever size of genitals he was born with.

But how wrong are such women? A large number of men with small and average penises have increased their “sexual member” with either penile exercises or a combination of penis enlargement pills and exercises. The exercises work in stretching and expanding penile tissues by forcing blood into the penile chambers. During rest days the penile tissues heal and grow into longer and wider sizes resulting in bigger penis size.

Penis pills work by aiding blood flow to the genitals, healing stretched and expanded tissues and aiding in penis growth. These pills are similar to the supplements bodybuilders use in increasing the size of their muscles. Although penis pills would give you gains without engaging in a penile exercise program, such gains are usually short-lived. For this reason some penis pills merchants give you an exercise program to follow when you purchase their pills.

If you are worried about the small size of your penis, you should hurry and sign up for a quality penile enlargement exercise program and begin taking a herbal penis pill to fasten your gains. With these, after a few weeks, you would be surprised at the size of your “sexual member”.