Scared Teen Gia Derza Loses Anal Virginity To Hypocritical Priest



Hypocritical Priest Convinces Scared Teen To Give Up Her Anal Virginity

Lucy (Gia Derza) is a very good girl. Prayer is a regular part of her life and she does everything by the book. But lately, she started having these recurring… urges… Unnaturally exploring her body. In spite of her best efforts, she sometimes gives in and makes bad choices, as she did tonight.

As she struggles to deal with herself, she finds a vibrating device hidden inside her dresser and presses it fervently against her butthole. Her pleasure seems to be going well… until she pushes a little too far and accidentally hurts herself. Her panic increases as she struggles to determine whether any serious injuries have been sustained… Since she cannot approach her parents about this, and she needs help badly, there’s only one other person she can turn to.

After arriving at Father Romero’s (John Strong) house the following day, she feels nervous. She has no choice but to confess the truth to the priest after he welcomes her inside and asks what’s wrong. Father Romero’s eyes glaze over as she tells him about her sexual urges involving anal, which makes her feel nervous. Why does he have so much trouble sleeping?

When she asks Father Romero for guidance, he promises to look her over to make sure she is okay. Also, only HE can make sure that she is pure and save her from her sins… As long as she follows his instructions exactly.

Date: June 27, 2021
Last Modified: May 9, 2022
Pornstar: Gia Derza