Alura Jenson vs Chad Diamond – Maledom Winner Fucks Loser – Evolved Fights


Busty Alura TNT Jenson Nude Wrestling Evolved Fight With Chad Diamond And Cock Sucking

Alura Jenson is back on the mats after several months off on hiatus due to an injury. Chad doesn’t have the greatest record. with 2 losses, he feels like he really needs to step up his game going forward.

He hates losing and he loves fucking which makes him a formidable opponent on the mats. Alura Jenson is ex AirForce, ex-Navy Combat trained, and ready to go.

Her only real weakness in her matches is she knows her hands are certified lethal weapons so she doesn’t go all out in her matches because she knows she could really really hurt someone.

She’s definitely a lover. Chad takes control easily in rounds 1 and 2. It seems Alura is being cautious with her first shoot ever since her injury and recovery. She takes things very slowly but this is all part of her tactic.

Slow, sexy movements get guys to cum fast. So Alura spends the good part of round 3, working her opponent sexually so she can get a cum from behind victory with an orgasm on the mat. Well, at least that’s her strategy. But can she do enough…

Date: June 25, 2021
Last Modified: June 25, 2021
Pornstar: Alura Jenson